Slide Library User Guide

Getting Started

In this brief guide we cover all the basics of how to use the key features of Slide Library.

Slide Library enables Confluence to be used as a central repository of your PowerPoint slides. Slides uploaded to the library can be searched and combined into new presentations. Slides can also be saved as presentations in Confluence which are automatically updated when parent slides in the library are updated.

Upload Slides

A library without any content is not of much use to anyone. For Slide Library to benefit your organization, start with uploading slides.

To launch the app, navigate to Apps in the header, and click on Slide Library.

Slide Library

Next, click on Upload Slides on the top right corner of the app:

Home page

Slides are uploaded to folders within Confluence spaces. First, select the space where you would like to upload the slides and click Next.

Select space

Then, create a new folder or select and existing folder and click Next. Note that nested folders are not supported. Each space can only contain one level of folders.

Select folder

Next, select the PPTX file you would like to upload and click Next.

Select PPTX file

In the next screen, choose the slides from the selected PPTX file to upload. You can select all slides using the Select All button. 

Select slides

As an option,  restrict slides by using the Restrict Slides button. Restricted slides can only be seen by users who has access to the space where the slide is uploaded.

This option is useful when you would like to share the uploaded slides only with certain teams and not the whole organization. You can alsostore work-in-progress slides in your private personal space which cannot be accessed by anyone else.

Once you are done with selecting slides, click Next to continue.

Select a new slide to replace an existing slide with

If the selected folder contains slides that were previously uploaded, it is possible to update those slides with new slides using the replace slides feature. Presentations saved in Confluence will automatically be updated when the master slide in this folder is updated.

To replace an existing slide with a new slide upload, select the new slide first by clicking on Replace Slide in the respective section.

Select slides to replace

Next, select a slide from the target folder to update. This means that the slide from the first selection will replace the slide from the second selection. 

New slide on the left will replace existing slide on the right

This step is optional. If a slide is not selected to replace an existing slide, it will be uploaded as a new slide. Click Next to continue.

Slide upload confirmation

In the final step, you will be informed of how many slides will be uploaded as new slides and how many slides will replace existing slides. Click on Confirm to proceed with slide upload.

Slide upload completed

The slide upload process is completed. Now you are ready to use your slides using the search feature. Before that, a small aside on maintaining the structure of uploaded slides.

Structure of uploaded slides

A well organized library is important in improving the usability of the app. We encourage you to identify the following personas in your organization:

  • Content creators: employees who own and produce PowerPoint slides that are used by the rest of your organization. For example, this could be someone from the marketing, product management or compliance department.
  • Content consumers: employees who use the slides produced by the content creators. For example, this could be someone customer facing such as a sales engineer.

Content creators are the key drivers of success in maximizing the usage of Slide Library within your organization. They are the knowledge managers and should get together to decide on the how to group presentations within spaces and folders.

Search Slides

Once Slide Library has been populated with content, you can start searching for slides using the search bar.

From the search results, check slide details by click on a slide:

Slide details

Select slides to add to the slide pool by double clicking on each slides. Once slides are added to your pool, preview selected slides using the Show Preview button at the footer.

Slide pool

From your slide pool, download the selected slides using the Download Slide button.

It is also to save the selected slides as a presentation in Confluence. This is done via the Save to Confluence button. The prompt will guide you to select the space to save the presentation in as well as the name of the presentation.

The advantage of saving a presentation in Confluence is that the contents of such a presentation will always reflect the latest slides uploaded through the replace slides feature. The is extremely useful as the presentations are automatically updated without any manual work for the content consumer.


At the time of writing, Slide Library for Confluence is still in beta stage. We have plenty of exciting features to introduce in the future. These include:

  • Advanced search and ability to sort and filter slides by slide metadata such as tags, space, folder, size, author, last uploaded date and other properties.
  • Direct link to individual slides.
  • Direct link to view all slides from the same presentation file.
  • Time travel to be able to see previous version of slides.
  • Bulk upload multiple PowerPoint files at once.
  • Direct upload and download of slides from Microsoft PowerPoint.

We would be interested to hear your feedback on which features should be prioritized or any other features you have in mind. Please send your feedback to